A lightweight Garlicoin desktop wallet

Garlium is a lightweight desktop wallet for Garlicoin, based on Electrum. By deterministically generating your wallet keys, you can save your wallet by writing a simple 12-word phrase down. You can load your wallet at any time by simply typing the 12-word phrase back in, on any computer, anywhere.

Installer for Windows

Windows binaries (.zip)

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Source install

Mac and Linux

  1. Install requirements:
    • Ubuntu/Debian:
      sudo apt install python3 python3-pip python3-virtualenv git
    • Fedora (comes with Python 3 preinstalled):
      sudo dnf install git
    • Arch:
      sudo pacman -S python python-pip python-virtualenv git
      • Or install Garlium from AUR:
        yaourt -S garlium-git
    • OS X: Download Python 3 here, then:
      sudo pip install virtualenv
  2. Clone repository:
    git clone
    cd Garlium
  3. Create a virtual environment:
    virtualenv ./ --python=python3
  4. Install Garlium + dependencies:
    bin/pip install PyQt5
    bin/python3 install
  5. Run Garlium:
    bin/python3 ./garlium


My receiving address has changed. Why is this?
For privacy reasons, Garlium assigns you a new default receive address when the old one has been used. Your old addresses will still work, and you can see the entire address list by going to View -> Show Addresses
Do I need to keep Garlium open to receive coins?
No. Garlium will automatically reconnect to the network and catch up with transaction history when you open it. Shutting it down is safe, even for extended periods of time.
Is my wallet stored on an external server?
No. Garlium uses server nodes to ensure a fast synchronization, but your actual wallet and private key is only stored on your computer, and is never sent to the internet.
How do I import a paper wallet into Garlium?
  1. Create a new wallet. You can do this from the setup wizard, or go to File -> New/Restore.
  2. When asked which kind of wallet to create, select "Import Garlicoin addresses or private keys".
    • To create a watching-only wallet, paste in the address of your paper wallet.
    • To create a full wallet, paste in the private key of your paper wallet.
What's the difference between a watching-only wallet and a full wallet?
A watching-only wallet only stores your wallet's public key - its address. This means that you cannot spend the coins in the wallet, merely look at them. This is a lot more secure, because even if your computer gets compromised, an attacker will not gain access to your coins. On the other hand, a full wallet stores your address's private key as well. This allows you to send your coins, but is less secure.
How do I import a CLI (garlicoind/garlicoin-cli) wallet into Garlium?
Run the command garlicoin-cli dumpprivkey <YOURADDRESS>. This will provide you with your address's private key. See above (regarding paper wallets) for instructions on how to import that private key into Garlium.
How do I import a wallet into Garlium?
Because Breadbox doesn't allow you to export your private key, that is not possible. You must transfer your coins directly to your Garlium receive address.


Garlium is being detected as a virus!
Relax. Garlium is completely safe. Something causes some major AVs to flag Garlium as a trojan, for unknown reasons.
Garlium says "Not connected" in the bottom left
The server nodes may be overloaded. Try connecting to another server (under Tools -> Network -> Servers), restarting Garlium entirely, or just wait a while.
Garlium says "Synchronizing..." in the bottom left for an extended period of time
The server nodes may be overloaded. Try connecting to another server (under Tools -> Network -> Servers), restarting Garlium entirely, or just wait a while.
Garlium says "Server is lagging (30xxx blocks)"
It's trying to connect to the testnet blockchain, somehow. Delete %AppData%/Garlium/blockchain_headers and restart.
"The program can't start because api-ms-win-crt-stdio-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."
Install this Windows update.
My transactions are too large / require a huge fee!
(or) I get "the transaction was rejected by network rules.\n\n64: dust (or tx-size)" when sending coins
(or) Garlium takes forever to sign my transactions

If you have a large amount of small incoming transactions in your wallet (eg. from pool mining), your money is split among lots of UTXOs (or unspent transaction outputs). Each UTXO takes up some space in the new transaction, and as such your transaction will become very large. Larger transactions mean larger fees, and at some point the network will downright refuse to process your transaction. It's like paying with a thousand pennies instead of a $10 bill.

To fix this issue, you can either hand-pick UTXOs to send, so you can control how many you use, or send a bunch of UTXOs to yourself, essentially "merging" them into a single UTXO.

You can do this by going to View -> Show Coins. Every "coin" you see there is a UTXO. Select as many as you need to send (don't select more than about 250, though), right click, and press "Spend". Now, select how much you want to spend, and send your money either to yourself (to "merge" UTXOs), or to someone else (they'll receive them as a normal transaction).

PS: Deleting %AppData%/Garlium/blockchain_headers and restarting solves a lot of problems. If your issue isn't listed here, perhaps try that?


If you're having connection issues, perhaps connect to another server node. You can add a node by going to Tools -> Network -> Servers, unchecking "Select server automatically", and inserting the details in the two text boxes.

Here is a full list of known nodes:

Server Port Owner 50004 @Ske#6201 50002 @DBN#1688 50002 @Bonobo#8875 50002 @mark3748#1645 50002 @octylFractal#1861 50002 @Martin#6614 50002 @Vilsol#2060 50002 @ryan-shaw 50002 @Smiba#3781 50002 @ROFLdld 50002 @tuxprint#5176 50002 @andrewgreen#5316 50002 CobblerSalad#4729